Communications workers of America

"Company manages by intimidation. Managers threatened workers daily with suspensions for the smallest problems, even though most suspensions were overturned when the union became involved."

"Management constantly figures out new procedures that affect our numbers or metrics, which can cause huge problems. For example, we can get fired because we took 15 minutes longer by calling some number before returning to a job. Even if we were on hold for those 15 minutes, AT&T doesn't care - it is your responsibility to not use those 15 minutes, so you end up suspended."


"Lies, rules changing weekly, bad equipment that employees get in trouble for, lots of stress, goals that go up every year, seeing good employees fired all the time, rules being broken to save their jobs (no integrity) at this company."

"Everything an employee does is somehow calculated and graded. How long your truck idles, how long you are on a job, how many jobs you completed vs. jobs returned. Often you are dispatched on jobs that are not ready to be installed, and those jobs need to be returned in the system. However, returning a job goes against your dispatch efficiency which you are expected to maintain at a certain percentage. Some managers are not familiar with the work the technicians are doing and make unreasonable or asinine requests of the technicians. AT&T has a system (MSOC) that they feel is infallible. The system measures every job the same way (according to the services being installed), and does not allow for the uniqueness of each job. A 3-box install in a 2-bedroom apartment is a lot different than a 3-box install in a 5000 square foot home. As a technician, you still get the same amount of time to do both."

"This is NOT your father's AT&T. U-verse is managed by child minded people who think that having a 40% turnover rate of Premise Technicians, to reach their numbers, to receive better bonuses is good management. It doesn't take a genius to see that doing the same thing every month and expecting change is simply insanity, but like I said they are child minded."

"The overall job with dealing with customers and the technology is EXCELLENT! The problem with the company is the lack of caring they have for their employees. They constantly look for something to discipline you for and write you up. 90% of the people who I worked for experienced anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders, and were in constant fear of losing their jobs. This is not good for morale or motivation. Also the company is divided into management and union workers."