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CWA 9408 is requesting all Home Dispatch Techs to voluntarily remove themselves from Home Dispatch as a concerted effort. Multiple Locals in District 9 are participating as a sign of Solidarity.

Direct TV Techs: 

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CWA's Mission Statement:
Improve the standard of living for our current and future members;
Organize new workers into the union to bring the benefits of collective bargaining to the unorganized;
Reaffirm our commitment to universal service so that all Americans have equal access to the information highway;
Educate our members to vote in their own best interests and to build community coalitions at the national and local levels to support workers' rights.

CWA Local 9408 Bargaining Updates

Communications workers of America

CWA Bargaining Team (Left to Right)
Anthony Velez, Marisa Remski, Tom Runnion, Ellen West, Art Gonzalez, Cherie Brokaw and Pam Suniga

The Bargaining Committee and Company were unable to reach a tentative agreement. As of midnight On April 9, 2016 we are now working without a contract. However, the current contract provisions are still in effect. There will be no changes to your wages, benefits, or working conditions.

On Monday the National Executive Board will be polled for a strike vote. After that it will be up to our President Chris Shelton on what action we take.


Gold plate every job. Take no short cuts. Follow all company policies and rules to the letter. Never go by memory, check reference material. Never use your own judgment-ASK!

Obey all safety rules.

What happens now?
Negotiations will continue. As long as we are on the job:
• You will still earn a paycheck.
• All benefits, including health care and pension, will remain in effect.
• All terms and conditions of employment continue until there is a new agreement or the parties have reached “impasse.”
• You have the right to participate in “concerted activity,” including mobilization activities. 

Our strength in bargaining comes from a highly visible mobilization.

If our efforts to get a fair agreement that provides for jobs today and for the future are not successful at the bargaining table, we will do whatever is necessary to protect our livelihoods.

We urge everyone to maintain a state of readiness and continue to mobilize until an agreement is reached. Your power is what drives progress at the table. The union bargainers and the company feel your presence. We have come a long way together. We have more to do and we will do it!